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Some Bonus Cat

I got up early today because the first rains of the new rainy season had come and the sunrise was spectacular. Then I went to check on the veg patch, and Peanut the cat came to assist me. These pics … Continue reading

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Jobless Millionaires

From a photoessay I did about miraa (khat) chewers in Jinja:

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Life is busy, but it’s still colourful.

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Black Cat, White Cat. Mostly White Cat.

So Steven got a cat. He calls it cat, I call it Peanut, but all that is certain is that it likes dried fish and it mewls a lot. And it’s absurdly cute and very aware of that. All of … Continue reading

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Marabou? Don’t Mind If I Do.

I have a new house (more on that later) and am in the middle of trying to make it liveable. So to excuse my silence, here’s two pictures of marabou storks. I hope they make up for my continued absence.

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The Big Reveal

You’ve been asking, I’ve been promising, so here she is: Still a long way to go and I’m a little poor at the moment, but soon she’ll be perfect.

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Matooke And Future Plans

Tomorrow I depart early for Kampala, where I will be meeting a friend and travelling to South Sudan to witness the secession, and the birth of South Sudan as an independent nation. This means the blog may fall a little … Continue reading

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