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Gorilla Highlands

This is probably the future of travel guides, and it was made by a friend of mine. It just won a massive award. Read all about it here: And buy it here:

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On a Cheerier Note

I’ve been doing lots of work on my website for the past few days, stretching my very basic understanding of HTML to the limit (read: copying and pasting other people’s advice into my site until it works) and it’s now … Continue reading

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Dark Day

While I was in Rwanda I got the news that Ross Langdon was killed in the Nairobi shootings, along with his girlfriend Elif. I didn’t know Ross as well as a lot of people in Kampala did, but he was … Continue reading

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Out of my Window

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Re-Post- Udungu

I originally posted this in March 2011, but I was going through my old pictures today and found these, and thought that it deserved reposting. Down at the bottom is a recording of the musicians in action- even if you … Continue reading

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Just Passing Through

I’m trying to carry my camera more (I carry it a lot, but usually in a bag). Here are some results.

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More Rally

In case you want to see more of my rally pics, I’ve made a gallery on my website. Just click on the image below!

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