Lake Bunyonyi Snaps

Fishermen on Lake Bunyonyi paddling traditional dugout canoes. The lake, one of the deepest in the world, was formed when a valley’s end was blocked by volcanic activity, leaving water with nowhere to escape to. It’s clean, fresh water with no crocodiles or bilharzia, but for unknown reasons it is only able to support a very limited range of life under its waters. It is, however, famed for its excellent crayfish.

Our young canoe guide (10 years old and stronger than me). It’s very hard to paddle on the lake because the altitude makes it totally draining.

Lake Bunyonyi just after dawn.

Cheating by using a motorboat to get across the lake…

(I was using my new old Nikon F2 all weekend so some film-based images will arrive as soon as I process the films)


About Muzungu

I’m a Uganda-based freelance photographer (and occasional writer) working for a broad range of clients including NGOs, newspapers and magazines and development agencies. My work has taken me across East Africa, South America and Europe, and previous clients include USAID, the World Bank and the East African. I also work on personal documentary projects in my spare time. If you’d like to hire me or to know more, please feel free to get in touch.
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9 Responses to Lake Bunyonyi Snaps

  1. Anarya Andir says:

    Amazing photos! Gotta love Africa!

  2. A circumcision-maniac says:

    Where are the circumcision party pictures???!

  3. Elena says:

    gorgeous! going there in August

  4. amnesiaclinic says:

    Thank you. These are lovely photos. Good to hear the lake is relatively unpolluted. Hope it stays that way!

  5. amnesiaclinic says:

    Thank you. These are lovely photos. Glad to see that the lake is relatively unpolluted. Hope it stays that way.

  6. ohhkeun says:

    photos are awesome, love the one with the boy on the boat!

  7. Benson Wu says:

    the last one is so good !!

  8. quichel says:

    Hurro! Good morning from Sunny Peckham. Miles and I are just looking at your photos and admiring them. Hoping that you’re very well and that you keep on blogging! So nice for us to know what you are doing and where you are. Lots of love from all of us, including your two newest nephews, Don and Dont (as named by Nye and we can’t change them now…). Big love, Bogwater!
    Rachel xxx

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