I was in the Ssese Islands over the weekend to shoot something for a UN publication on the subject of the HIV/AIDS rate amongst the fishing communities there, and I did the work. However (as Andrew Green, the writer I was working with, put it), it also revealed me as a closet birder. I photographed a lot of birds, partly because there were a lot of birds around. Here are some of those pictures. There are more somewhere but I haven’t got around to editing them yet. I also haven’t the foggiest about the names of some of them, so suggestions in the comments box as usual please. Will Garforth (who I owe an email), I’m looking at you.

Some sort of wader. Name suggestions welcome.

Same wader, different pose.

Hornbill at dawn just beside the Hornbill Campsite.

The moon. Tell me you guessed that one.

A male sunbird showing off to his mate (she's out of shot and looking unimpressed).

I love the weaverbirds. The trees they colonise for their shouty little towns of hanging fibre nests get torn to shreds by these yellow clowns, but they seem to have so much fun.

Weaverbird vandalising a banana palm. The leaf fibres make for good nest-making material.

Weaverbird post-vandalism, preparing to become an architect. Or pretending to have a big fake moustache. Could be both.

Weaverbird at repose.

Then we went down to the fishing villages, and there were egrets everywhere, nicking the fish.

Egrets (I think) having a day at the beach.

Egret flying.

And kingfishers, though they seemed much more interested in fishing for themselves. Possibly betraying a leaning towards a morality the egrets haven’t developed.

Pied kingfisher, rather a long way away.

But back to the egrets.

Suspicious egret.

Then as we sat and ate lunch, these two came and sat on the wires nearby, reminding me that it’s winter at home.

A pair of baby swallows, I think.

It was a long but productive weekend, and I’ll share more of the shots when they’ve run in the magazine. There’s a lot of pictures of boats for you to look forward to.

No birds, just water.

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About Muzungu

I’m a Uganda-based freelance photographer (and occasional writer) working for a broad range of clients including NGOs, newspapers and magazines and development agencies. My work has taken me across East Africa, South America and Europe, and previous clients include USAID, the World Bank and the East African. I also work on personal documentary projects in my spare time. If you’d like to hire me or to know more, please feel free to get in touch.
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9 Responses to BIRDS.

  1. analoguejimi says:

    Oh I love these. Awesome captures!

  2. John says:

    Those swallows look more like Bee-eaters to me. Check if they can carry coconuts. If they can’t, they’re either witches or bee-eaters.

  3. “Some sort of wader. Name suggestions welcome”

    Try Spur-winged Plover

    I like your writing – very droll. Brings a smile.


  4. Wa Makeri says:

    I’m with you, David Bennett!

  5. tumwijuke says:

    Ssesse – My favorite place in Uganda!

    The egret is the ‘Little White’. The weaver is the ‘black-headed’ … no creative awards for orinthologists.

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