A Long-Forgotten Sound

As I sit at my desk, there is a wall of noise outside the door. It’s a grey-noise-hiss mixed with the deeper rumble of the tin roof, the clattering of the palms and the popping of the roof of the car parked outside, as the first heavy rains of the new season comes thundering down. Since my arrival in early February the most I have seen of the rain has been two light drizzles, both in the past week. But now the long dry season has come to a dramatic end, and I hope the rain falls heavily enough.

The Office of the Prime Minister has been putting out worrying television commercials and sending ominous texts about the upcoming drought predicted for a large swathe of the country, so I hope this rain continues. The other (rather selfish) upside to this downpour is that the mangoes will now ripen, I’m told. The trees have been hanging laden for days, but all the little mangoes are green and seem to taunt me. The local children love the unripe mangoes, however, and beneath most public trees there is a carpet of leaves knocked down by barrages of rocks.

Two days ago I saw my first scorpion, a little thing perhaps two inches long and very stocky, moving like a tank with its tail up and pincers drawn. I’m not sure I’m so comfortable walking around in bare feet any more, but I hope I’ll get to see more. I had heard a lot of people saying there were scorpions around, but they seem a lot more elusive than even the little chameleons. I saw my scorpion at night, but if I get one in the light I’ll post a picture.

Apologies for the lack of purpose to this post but its been a long day and the rain really made me want to write something, however pointless. The work I’m doing for NUTI is a record of their infrastructure and not really of interest to casual viewers, but I have caught a couple of shots which you might enjoy.

Pumping water, Mulago 'B', Kitigum Matidi

Sugar Cane for Sale, Agoro S/C Market

Can anybody identify these fish? (For sale in Agoro S/C market). Will Garforth, I'm looking at you.

Most schools have a bell like this- an old lorry wheel rim, hung from a tree. Hit with a stick, it makes a satisfying clanging which summons children from a long way away.

I’m also working on a personal project about the churches in the bush, it’s still in the early stages but here are two I like.


About Muzungu

I’m a Uganda-based freelance photographer (and occasional writer) working for a broad range of clients including NGOs, newspapers and magazines and development agencies. My work has taken me across East Africa, South America and Europe, and previous clients include USAID, the World Bank and the East African. I also work on personal documentary projects in my spare time. If you’d like to hire me or to know more, please feel free to get in touch.
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