My New Favourite Website

Whilst not wishing to mock a man I haven’t met (and who, if he is telling the truth, is the victim of torture), I do recommend everybody quickly goes and visits this incredibly strange little web page. Either this chap is barking or he knows some serious dirt………Lutalo-Muwereza-Ronald-History

The first mention I saw of this gem was below a photograph on Facebook which was tagged as containing Dr Kizza Besigye, Ugandan Presidential hopeful and wearer of good blazers. I’m a fan of Besigye because of a photograph published last year (the Vision, I believe) in which he is standing in the middle of a melee, wearing a sky-blue blazer and a look of disgust, with one hand in his pocket and the other raised in a thoughtful pose.
The image on Facebook (below) is interesting, but not as good as the caption.

The first rambling

I couldn’t help it. I clicked the link. Here’s some of the best bits of the page, but I really recommend you browse it for yourself:

– The opening banner. Hot pie.

– The live feed from a camera mounted on the top of a building in Missouri. No idea.

– The various ramblings, such as:

– “• Where as we with confidential and professional services is to restore Youth involvement and participation in cultural institutions,Spy surveillance/Military Research by establishment of R&D centers across the region and we donâ€TMt to wait for US Command for Africa/Africom and will allow reconciliation policy work and leave the so called ministers of the Youth in the current government because some are narrowly minded yet we need a broad Uganda in the near future to avoid violence.In with No actions in brainstorming for the youth an intelligence survey has been carried out and assessed that 65% of them love to go sucide with the government officials one by one till the farm is emptied.”

– “We have subscribed the nature of Uganda naked on the Galaxy5,Morelis,SuperbirdB,Astra1B,intelsatV1F8 satellite Gateway,atleast a half of the founder members of the current government officials in the cabinet are to take judgement deskin the near future.Thats why we are coordinating the next conventional African Youth Organisation Conference of 38 Nations founded by US military Veterans in California such as Chris Foreman be in Uganda called Come&SeeAfrica( )As the Youthin this country we have a joint command center for our activities as away of job creation massively in the nation because the market is narrow and the Economy is Liberal hence if you think inside the Box thatâ€TMs to say everything Kampala city although seems not a city if you visit it as the Queen Elizabeth during the Common wealth summit they used the roads near state house in Kololo and Nakasero when she arrived from the Airport without passing beyond 500metres then praised the president Gen.Yoweri Kaguta and Ugandan people felt betrayed by the commander in chief when he said people can afford many septic pins to remove jigger poverty yet they are living below poverty line may God forbid.The failing government in an advance advise you rather think No box by doing the next right thing,this is because the question can be extracted from the answer and fully understood by even the kids demanding for Ice Cream in the Desert.”

– (From a section headed “Defense and Security Estimates”) “• Purchase of Tele-Video Eye Lens to be inserted on the Human Eye cone while in the intelligence service or presidential summit to avoid unnecessary assassinations but with the Information Van Outside the summit meeting.”

Naturally all text and images in this post remain the property of their respective owners.


About Muzungu

I’m a Uganda-based freelance photographer (and occasional writer) working for a broad range of clients including NGOs, newspapers and magazines and development agencies. My work has taken me across East Africa, South America and Europe, and previous clients include USAID, the World Bank and the East African. I also work on personal documentary projects in my spare time. If you’d like to hire me or to know more, please feel free to get in touch.
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