The Little Blue Shed Needs YOU!

The Little Blue Shed Project is a very small NGO which exists to help a group of ladies in Mafubira, Jinja, to earn a livelihood through sewing school uniforms, work clothes and dresses for sale within the local market. Tanja, who is the organisational wizard behind this great group, wants to bring in a sewing teacher to do some lessons, helping the ladies to learn to sew bags and other items for sale internationally. These lessons will cost a grand total of £100 all in (for six ladies for a month of tuition!) so if anybody feels charitable and wants to help a really good cause, go to and look for the donations page. Anything, big or small, will be greatly appreciated and I will post a report about how the project is going soon!


About Muzungu

I’m a Uganda-based freelance photographer (and occasional writer) working for a broad range of clients including NGOs, newspapers and magazines and development agencies. My work has taken me across East Africa, South America and Europe, and previous clients include USAID, the World Bank and the East African. I also work on personal documentary projects in my spare time. If you’d like to hire me or to know more, please feel free to get in touch.
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11 Responses to The Little Blue Shed Needs YOU!

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  3. Heart says:

    Hey, thanks for letting us know! I want to donate 10 AUD, but have a quick question. Can I pay using Paypal or something, how secure is the Littleblueshed website, I mean I can’t find a Verisign or something that tells me it is secure? Please don’t mind me asking, I can totally take your word for it, absolutely!

    • Muzungu says:


      Thank you so much for your generosity! I’m pretty sure the site is secure, from what I understand it uses a system which is used by a lot of small charities. However if you’re not comfortable I can put you in touch with Tanja and I’m sure she’ll be able to help.

      Thanks again,


      • Heart says:

        Either Tanja or your own personal account, anything will work, thanks Will!
        What I do is nothing when I compare it to your contribution, it is a great inspiration, as you can see..

      • Heart says:

        Oh, BTW, I put this up on my site too, hope your project gets the right amount of traction it deserves, just like your restored VW.. 😉

  4. Muzungu says:

    Thank you! I’m told the site actually uses Paypal (99.99% secure) so I wouldn’t worry about it from a security perspective, but I’m now told that there is some problem with processing payments so I’ll have to get back to you as soon as I know more. But thank you!

    • Heart says:

      Sure, sounds good then I will do a direct deposit there on the site! My my end I will also keep checking to see if the site is up and running or not..
      Thanks very much!

      • Heart says:

        Thanks Will, I tried, and the only method of payment is Paypal, and when I attempted to pay it said, “Currently Paypal account holders in Uganda are only set to make payments to the account. The recipient is not set up to receive funds. ”
        FYI, just so you know.

      • Muzungu says:

        I’m so sorry about this, there’s very little point is appealing for charity when the payment system doesn’t work is there! I’ll let you know as soon as I know it’s working… Thanks so much for trying though, the thought certainly counts for something!

      • Heart says:

        Will, please don’t be sorry! Tanja contacted me and assured me that she will keep me posted about a fix that is going to be put in place for the Paypal account.. As long as we all know the problem, I think it is cool.. 🙂

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